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On the WATER

Friday, June 8, 2018, was the day the Ocean Phoenix got her bottom wet. As you know she has been on the hard for about 3 years.  We made some chances, installed some new safety items (high water alarm and bilge pump) and like… Continue Reading “On the WATER”

An amazing weekend

We set out on Thursday evening from Troy, New York to Barrington, Rhode Island.  From our land home to our water home.  We loaded our Dodge Ram full with all the to-do items we needed to finish getting Ocean Phoenix ready for the water. … Continue Reading “An amazing weekend”

Major project #1

So here we are just weeks away from the first launch and we still had a few big projects to get completed. The salon windows, the water system and the bottom preparations. 2 weeks ago we removed ALL the salon windows and the top… Continue Reading “Major project #1”

The never-ending repair story

Why this title, because as all boat owners know the list of to-dos, must-dos and would like to-dos just never end, lol. The last post we told about our spring prep list…well we got a little sidetracked.  Our list is now spanning a couple… Continue Reading “The never-ending repair story”

2018 Preparations

AHOY sailors!!! So its that time of year again when us northern folk are really starting to get into the swing of things for the summer boating season. Cleaning, polishing and fixing is just a few tasks we all endure or enjoy (depending on… Continue Reading “2018 Preparations”


Many of us dream of sailing away to far places. Many to escape cold weather like ourselves or maybe it is a desire to see how other people live in other countries. Whatever the reason most people have somewhat of a plan that they… Continue Reading “PATH OF TRAVEL”

Why do you Sail?

The water is all around you, your boat is swaying gently with the waves and you can feel your whole body at peace.  We know this feeling because we live on a sailboat or we are striving to live on one. BUT… We have… Continue Reading “Why do you Sail?”

We SOLD our boat!

Yellow Jacket is sold… We listed her about one month ago on Kijijj, We got some inquiries, took a couple phone calls and shared the information about her, but no offers. We left the boat in Canada when we were done sailing in the… Continue Reading “We SOLD our boat!”

Ocean Phoenix

We have talked a little here and there about Ocean Phoenix, so I think it is time to cover her inside and out. We purchased her just over a month ago on September 12, with her already on the hard. That meant that while… Continue Reading “Ocean Phoenix”

Mooring Location

Hey all, we are looking for a mooring location for next season.  Currently our boat is on the hard in Barrington, Rhode Island.  We have really come to enjoy the Rhode Island area as well as Bedford, Massachusetts. Though we are totally open to… Continue Reading “Mooring Location”