Refit Cost

As we start and proceed with our repairs and refit we will share our costs here.  Please feel free if you have any questions to ask and if you have suggestions, we would love to hear them.

Screenshot_20170918-204356 (2)

Cushion and cover repairs:

Materials to date

Zippers – 125’
Zipper pulls –40
Cushion wrap –  2 large rolls
Two separate orders were placed through Sailrite for the above orders, the first order totaled 68.20 and the second was 60.99.
Batten –  5 yards x 48” was purchased from Amazon for 25.99.
Batten – 10 yards from Joann – 23.99 (40% off)
6 roles of ribbon from Joann – 7.99 each
1 can of super 77 spray from Joann– 8.50
Fabric dye from Walmart – 2.49

**when shopping at Joann or Michaels, remember to use the online coupons, we saved 31.70 on today’s purchase 😊**

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