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The search is over! We have found our new vessel.

The search is over! We have found our new vessel. So how does a person make such a big decision? Well its not easy that’s for sure. So lets cover a few vessels we seen and what our opinion was of each vessel. 

Dripless Shaft Seal

Last year we were really watching our packing glad, the thin jam nut seemed to be warped a little and we were unable to lock it down like we wanted to. We could get a slow drip but had a slow steady stream after… Continue Reading “Dripless Shaft Seal”

We miss you…

It’s almost the middle of December, it’s still green outside right now, but oh boy, it’s cold.  While December brings a lot of joy and happiness, James’ Birthday, Christmas and festive holiday season, we can’t help but miss her. Ocean Pheonix is all closed… Continue Reading “We miss you…”

Great places to visit!

As we travel places, whether by boat or other means we want to share our experiences with you.  There is so much to see, to do and to experience in life, and sometimes you have to share those experiences.  This is ours… As you… Continue Reading “Great places to visit!”

Vacation Time!! Our first long stay on Ocean Phoenix

So after a lot of hard work and elbow grease, Ocean Phoenix is ready to test a short liveaboard situation. We headed out on the Sunday afternoon before the 4th of July to stay aboard for a 10-day stretch. We had a short to-do… Continue Reading “Vacation Time!! Our first long stay on Ocean Phoenix”

Our first sail

There are no words to describe that feeling…you unhook your boat from your mooring/dock for the first time and head towards your destination, near or far.

Worldly Possessions

Day sailing, weekend voyage, a week here or there, summer vacation or liveaboards, we all enjoy our vessels. We enjoy the freedom of travel, we enjoy the sensation of being on the water, we enjoy not being confined by the daily grind of traditional… Continue Reading “Worldly Possessions”


Many of us dream of sailing away to far places. Many to escape cold weather like ourselves or maybe it is a desire to see how other people live in other countries. Whatever the reason most people have somewhat of a plan that they… Continue Reading “PATH OF TRAVEL”

Why do you Sail?

The water is all around you, your boat is swaying gently with the waves and you can feel your whole body at peace.  We know this feeling because we live on a sailboat or we are striving to live on one. BUT… We have… Continue Reading “Why do you Sail?”