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New Price

Asking Price: Negotiable **please note: we recently became aware of some delamination in the hull of our boat, the area is  approx. 18”x 48”. The quote we received from our boatyard was $3,000 to $12,000.  This work can also me done yourself if you… Continue Reading “New Price”

A hidden Gem

As some of you may know, we love to get out there and explore…new areas, new towns, to take a walk or a sail somewhere new. Even now, with COVID concerns there are ways to have those experiences. With Rhode Island closed to us… Continue Reading “A hidden Gem”

The search is over! We have found our new vessel.

The search is over! We have found our new vessel. So how does a person make such a big decision? Well its not easy that’s for sure. So lets cover a few vessels we seen and what our opinion was of each vessel.